Gem Cutting Workshop

Introductory to gem cutting workshop, by Cole Thynne

Next workshop Hosted: March 30-31 2024

Course Overview:

Welcome to the two day “Introduction to Gem Cutting” workshop, where you will embark on a captivating journey into the world of gemology and acquire the fundamental skills necessary for the art of gem cutting. Led by experienced cutting expert Cole Thynne, this course is designed for beginners and enthusiasts eager to explore the beauty and intricacies of gemstones, and cut and polish their own gemstone.

Course Essentials:

Everything essential to gem cutting will be provided during the course. You will have access to your own faceting machine, one piece of gemstone rough of your choice (amethyst, peridot, aquamarine, citrine, or garnet) and all the necessary accessories needed to facet a gemstone.

Day 1 (6 hours) : Introduction to Lapidary Arts

-Introduction to Gem Cutting Tools and Equipment

-Overview of Traditional and Modern Cutting Techniques

-Proper Tool Handling and Maintenance

-Safety Protocols in Gem Cutting

-Q&A Session: Addressing Common Challenges

-Pre-forming a gemstone

-Cutting the pavilion (bottom half of your gemstone)

Day 2: Hands-On Lab

-Cutting and polishing the crown (top half) of of your gemstone

Throughout the course, Cole Thynne will provide personalized guidance, encouraging a hands-on and interactive learning experience. Join on this exciting exploration of the art and science of gem cutting, where you’ll gain the skills and confidence to create your own stunning gemstone masterpieces.

NO experience is requires to attend, ages 14 +

Everyone leaves with a polished

Date(s)                                        Day(s)                       Time                       Location(s)

30 March – 31 March 2024    Saturday, Sunday        9:00Am- 3:00Pm     London, On

  Location TBD

Hours: 12

Fee: 497$CAD

  To reserve your place, email to confirm there is space available, or call (226) 678-1001. There is a $100 deposit that must be sent via Email transfer or Paypal to book your spot.