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Reserve your spot for an upcoming gem cutting workshop, hosted (9am-3pm) Saturday Sunday in London, Ontario.

You will still need to pay the remaining 497$ (CAD) balance. The initial payment is to reserve a position in the workshop.

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Introductory to gem cutting workshop, by Cole Thynne

( Please select a date that works best for you above, you can email and request a date that I have not already listed for a one on one session if you are interested in that.)

Course Overview:

Welcome to the two day “Introduction to Gem Cutting” workshop, where you will embark on a captivating journey into the world of gemology and acquire the fundamental skills necessary for the art of gem cutting. Led by experienced cutting expert Cole Thynne, this course is designed for beginners and enthusiasts eager to explore the beauty and intricacies of gemstones, and cut and polish their own gemstone.

Course Essentials:

Everything essential to gem cutting will be provided during the course. You will have access to your own faceting machine, one piece of facet grade gemstone rough (Choose: amethyst, peridot, aquamarine, citrine, or garnet) and all the necessary accessories needed to facet a gemstone.

Day 1 (6 hours) : Introduction to Lapidary Arts

-Introduction to Gem Cutting Tools and Equipment

-Overview of Traditional and Modern Cutting Techniques

-Proper Tool Handling and Maintenance

-Safety Protocols in Gem Cutting

-Q&A Session: Addressing Common Challenges

-Pre-forming a gemstone

-Cutting the pavilion (bottom half of your gemstone)

Day 2: Hands-On Lab

-Cutting and polishing the crown (top half) of of your gemstone

Throughout the course, Cole Thynne will provide personalized guidance, encouraging a hands-on and interactive learning experience. Join on this exciting exploration of the art and science of gem cutting, where you’ll gain the skills and confidence to create your own stunning gemstone masterpieces.

NO experience is requires to attend, ages 14 +

Everyone leaves with a polished gemstone:

       Day(s)                        Time                        Location (exact address will be provided)

    Saturday, Sunday      9:00Am- 3:00Pm     London, On

Hours: 12

Fee: 497$CAD

6 reviews for Gem Cutting Workshop

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    I had been interested in gem cutting for some time but investing in the proper tools and equipment without knowing if I would enjoy it seemed a bit too risky for me.

    This class is just what I have been looking for!

    Cole showed me and my classmate the basics we would need to get started cutting on the machines he provided and answered any questions or concerns we had a long the way, guiding me as best he could.

    I got to cut a small peridot and the experience was great. Pre-forming and doing my first cuts was simple but as I added more facets and they became smaller with my little stone I was in for a fun challenge to get things right.

    I can now say I have cut my first gemstone. I made so many mistakes (so much re-cutting, accidental facets, missed polish) but I think my gem is fantastic. Gem cutting is something that definitely takes time to master.

    I won’t be winning any awards but I have a stone I can look back on and see where my journey started. This gemstone and the things I have learned make this class for me worth every penny!

    Thank you so much Cole for sharing your knowledge, patience and time. I am looking forwards to getting my own machine and cutting more gems in the future!

  2. Fabian (verified owner)

    I was trying to learn the fundamentals about gem cutting first but I was missing the practical part of faceting a rough gemstone from the beginning to the end . Cole help me to understand the all process in a simple way.
    I cut my first stone(topaz) under his supervision and it wasn’t complicated . The only difficult task for me was being focus all the time . I did some mistakes because I didn’t pay enough attention.
    Cole is going to help you in order to succeed with your first gemstone and at the same time have fun doing it.
    This is the beginning of a long journey of learning and having fun at the same time . Thanks Cole . It was a big time !
    Fabian Curto

  3. Grant Montgomery (verified owner)

    I have had an interest in rocks & minerals since I was seven years old (now fifty six). In my twenties I became an accredited Gemmologist. Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to learn how to facet gemstones. Now that I have the money and as retirement is approaching I determined the time was right. I reached out on a Facebook faceting site to find out if there was any place to learn how to facet with hands on instruction as opposed to watching YouTube videos. Cole found me at the perfect time as my faceting machine is set to arrive today. I flew from Winnipeg, MB to London, ON for the two day Introduction to Faceting course that Cole offers. He is extremely passionate about faceting, very knowledgeable and he has the patience and understanding that makes him a gifted instructor. It was a pleasure meeting him and working with him to learn how my brand new Ultra Tec V5 machine will work. The garnet that I cut turned out fantastic (for a beginner anyway). I look forward to cutting many many more stones over the next twenty or thirty years, building on the basics that I’ve learned from Cole. Do yourself a favour. If you’ve ever thought about turning a rough gemstone into a beautiful polished gem as a hobby or possibly as a business, reach out to Cole to teach you. You’ll be glad you did!

  4. Phillipah

    WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY IN YOUR POCKET AND YOUR TIME EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL ACROSS THE WORLD! (I travelled 18 hours in total and would do it again in a heartbeat!)

    I have been curious about getting into gem cutting as a hobby/profession for a long time and I couldn’t find any schools or workshops near me till I came across Cole’s YouTube videos and Instagram posts and knew he would be the ONLY one to turn my dreams/ goals into a reality with his exceptional craftsmanship.

    I was privileged to have had a one on one gem cutting class with the Cole, and it was a life changing experience! With his expert guidance, I was able to learn the basics of gem cutting and even managed to cut my own very first beautiful Zambian emerald from a collection I have (one of my worst stones).

    The instructions he gave were clear, he was patient attentive, and tailored the whole class to my needs and learning style. His studio is well-equipped and organized, which made it easy and comfortable to focus and excel at cutting my first gemstone. He shared invaluable knowledge with me on cutting gemstones from his 100,000’s of hours of cutting experience which increased my proficiency as I cut.

    I left feeling confident and inspired to continue my journey in the world of gem cutting. I highly recommend Cole’s one on one classes or workshop. If you are on his page right now, reading this and hesitating I assure you, just book your slot instantly and contact him! It will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life. I would rate this a trillion stars if I could!

    To Cole, I wish you all the success in the world! I can’t wait to meet you again. But for now please keep releasing your amazing content on social media and may the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands!

    Thank you so much for this once in a life time experience. I can now brag and say you helped me cut my first gemstone, which was a Zambian emerald. The bar has been set to anything more precious than diamonds for me, because you showed me I can do it!

  5. Mark Showell (verified owner)

    I recently had the opportunity and privilege to spend time at a faceting workshop with Mr. Thynne (June 2024). Wow – what a great experience!

    I had some previous knowledge of faceting with an older UltraTec V2 (~ two dozen stones). But being self-taught I had become frustrated with various issues I couldn’t seem to solve and had pretty much given up (although I hated to admit that!).

    With some unexpected cancellations, my ‘workshop’ ended up being a one-on –one session with Cole. This was great for me in the sense we could move past a number of basics that I was already familiar with and move right to the heart of the issues that had been bringing me down.

    I echo many of the comments I read here in previous reviews – Cole is a great teacher! Knowledgeable, smart, patient and even happy to explain a few times when the student doesn’t ‘get the point’ lol…

    I’ve been rejuvenated by this experience with Cole and now just waiting for a couple of parts from UltraTec to refurbish my machine and get started again (although I have to say I’m jealous of Cole’s digital setup compared to my analog dial – stay tuned…).

    In summary, this was an exceptional experience, well worth the time and travel! I learned so many things – not just basics but tips and tricks that one would only get from an expert.

    For those that are simply curious about a new hobby or people like me who have pursued this in isolation – you will love your time with Cole!

  6. Dolores Durant (verified owner)

    I’ve only been faceting for about a year so I had lots of questions! Cole patiently answered them all with well thought out answers as well as doing some spiffing up of my Raytech-Shaw machine, producing a lovely cut peridot! I had a great weekend! And got introduced to a great London sub place! I absolutely recommend this course – you’ll learn lots! Cole – looking forward to seeing photos of your future projects!

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